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Nurturing Community Wellness

Bringing awareness and accessibility for self-care practices to Flint, MI since 2022


Therapeutic Offerings

We offer various therapeutic services in Flint, MI

Chair Massages

A chair massage is a brief yet rejuvenating massage experience, designed to relax and relieve tension while you remain comfortably seated.

Chiropractic Treatment
Therapeutic Stretching

Therapeutic stretching involves targeted movements and stretches to alleviate tension, enhance flexibility, and promote overall physical well-being.

Table Massages

A table massage offers a comprehensive and customizable therapeutic experience, as you lie comfortably on a massage table, promoting deep relaxation and targeted relief.

Community Events

Catch us at various Flint events year-round, delivering our services directly on-site for your convenience and relaxation.

chair massage
SUP Yoga

SUP yoga combines the serenity of yoga with the adventurous spirit of stand-up paddleboarding, providing a unique and harmonizing practice on the water.

Harris Family Health

Are you a patient at Harris Family Health?  Be sure to choose "Harris Family Health" when booking an appointment to use your membership code.

Benefits of Self Care

Here are some of the many benefits of focusing on self care through the various therapeutic services we offer


Whether through SUP yoga, chair massage, or table massage, each practice contributes to an overall sense of well-being by promoting relaxation, stress relief, and improved mental clarity.

Mind-Body Connection

Engaging in these self-care practices fosters a stronger connection between the mind and body, promoting mindfulness and a deeper awareness of one's physical and mental state.


Chair massages and on-the-go therapeutic stretching offer quick yet effective stress relief, making self-care accessible and manageable within busy lifestyles.


Table massages and SUP yoga provide holistic relaxation, addressing physical tension and promoting a sense of balance for a comprehensive well-being experience.


Meet Your Wellness Partner

Kara Dahlberg is the owner and lead massage therapist of 81Ohm Massage & Co.

Her mission is to provide sustainable self - care practices in downtown Flint with practicing various forms of therapeutic and medical massage. Helping others with self - care has been a part of Kara's life for twelve years, and each year she receives more continuing education credits to better her practice and sessions for her clients.


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Our Partners

We're proud to partner with organizations in the Flint, MI Community

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